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Fishing Rigged 59 Fleetstar in NH

Gary from Concord NH shared these pictures of his 59 Fleetstar.  He’s got a pretty slick fishing setup.  He’s also made some neat modifications.  I like wood framed windshield, and the storage under the rear seats.


hi1 photo 1 photo 1_1 photo 2 photo 2_1 photo 3 photo 3_1 photo 4 photo 4_1 photo 5

One response

  1. Marc Charbonneau

    Love this site. Love the downriggers on the Highliner! I sail a 1947 Viking ( C. D. Mower design) on the Ottawa River, ON, Canada. Just got a 1953 Highliner (great condition as in a barn since 1990). Last registered NY815AJ in 1990.

    September 8, 2015 at 11:16 pm

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