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19′ Hiliner ?

I couldn’t find this model in the 57-62 catalogs, so I am assuming it might have been either custom project or built prior to 56.  It looks to be about 19′ long. Check out the twin Mercs..

Hi-Liner Windshield Info

I get a lot of questions about replacement windshields.   The original Hi-Liner windshields were manufactured by  Taylor Made Products.   Taylor is still in business, but the original molds were destroyed in a fire back in the early 70’s.   I spoke to Taylor a few years ago about trying to get a replacement windshield.  They sent me to . This company will make a replacement for any boat.   It helps if you still have the original frame.   It also helps if you have a lot of money,  they are not cheap.

I found an alternative if you are located in Massachusetts.   Rob Allison, lives on Cape Cod and specializes in plexiglass and lexan.   He made the windshield on my Fleetstart for half the cost of Ocean Dynamics, plus i was able to pick it up to avoid shipping costs.