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1960 Fleetstar

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This Fleetstar resides in Newbury, MA.  It is owned by Jim Bowes (author of this site).  It has a 55hp Suzuki motor.   Paint scheme is not original.  Prior owner removed the swoosh trim while refurbishing and decided to not put it back on.  I liked the look of this pattern so decided to leave it as is.   This triangle pattern was common to other boats of the era and I think it looks great on the Fleetstar.

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  1. David Harrington

    Hi, I bought a used Hi Liner around 1974. Per the sales slip, it was a 17′ 1960 Fleetstar and came with a 1965 50 HP Merc. It was red. I did not know any of the history or details of Hi Liner. I used the hell out of that boat and really loved it. I used it for scuba diving (primarily Gloucester area and Isle of Shoals), water skiing in Essex Bay, and just generally boating. I kept it primarily in Essex. My best trip was from Essex to Martha’s Vineyard and back in July, 1975. Couldn’t have done it without hot, mirror calm seas (except for a harrowing return in Buzzards Bay heading for the canal). Circumstances made me sell her. I’d really like to buy her or a sister back. If you know of any possibilities, I’d be really grateful for any leads,

    Dave Harrington

    June 26, 2021 at 3:59 pm

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